Debt Recovery

Marks Recoveries & Legal Services have over 30 years’ experience in debt recovery and enforcement for businesses, individuals and the public sector.

No recovery/no fee debt collection

Whether it’s a quick recovery or a negotiated settlement, in the majority of cases Marks Recoveries & Legal Services will not charge a fee unless payment is recovered from the debtor. There are no hidden fees and our charging structure is always transparent.

Maximum utilisation of entitlement to late payment interest & costs

Marks Recoveries & Legal Services understand our clients’ statutory entitlement to recover late payment interest, late payment compensation and reasonable collection costs when recovering overdue business debts. Implementation of this entitlement ensures that debtors are penalised if payment continues to be delayed.

Tailored Letters Before Action

We recognise the effectiveness of a firm and professionally worded Letter Before Action and many of the accounts referred to us are settled within 14 days. We also acknowledge that in many cases clients may want to maintain the trading relationship with their late paying customer. We have the flexibility and tactical knowledge to be able to tailor our recovery letters and processes to suit the needs of each client. We will discuss your particular requirements and provide you with a bespoke and personalised service.

Enforcement of Court Judgments

Even when a judgment has been obtained it may sometimes be necessary for a creditor to take enforcement steps against a debtor. Marks Recoveries & Legal Services have the knowledge and experience necessary to determine the enforcement option to use. This will depend on the individual debtor’s circumstances and value of the debt. The available options include: issuing Warrants of Control through an Enforcement Agent (County Court or High Court), Attachment of Earnings, Charging Orders over property, Third Party Debt Orders (for example to freeze debtor’s bank accounts) and the use of insolvency proceedings.

Specialist support for defended Small Claims proceedings

The court process can be complicated, especially as debtors may know how to delay proceedings to avoid payment for as long as possible. Marks Recoveries & Legal Services can deal with the various stages of a defended Small Claim action. We will draft all court documents, witness statements and help prepare your case for any preliminary and further hearings.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Alternative Dispute Resolution is a method of resolving disputes without using the court system. It can be a cost effective method of settlement, whilst helping retain or rebuild relationships if desired.

With over 30 years’ experience in ADR, Marks Recoveries & Legal Services have settled disputes with varying values and complexity by using an innovative process of mediation to avoid formal litigation.

Review of previously written off accounts

Even if provision has been made to write off debts in the end of year Accounts it does not mean that a debt cannot be pursued. Outstanding debts can be recovered for up to 6 years. Marks Recoveries & Legal Services can carry out a review of written off files and, where appropriate, pursue recovery of aged debts on a no recovery/no fee basis.

Trace and Collect Service (no trace/no recovery/no fee)

Debtors often move on without leaving a forwarding address. The skilled trace team at Marks Recoveries & Legal Services can use their experience and resources to pinpoint the whereabouts of absconding debtors. Once we have an up to date address for a debtor, we can start our debt recovery process on the usual no recovery/no fee basis.