Our Services: Business Credit Repair Service

Repairing Credit Scores

It is not only individual consumers that have problems with their credit rating and scoring. All businesses rely heavily on credit facilities and it is not uncommon for the busy data analysts at the big credit information providers (Experian, Equifax etc.) to misinterpret data when forumlating their credit scoring decisions. A credit refusal can have serious reputational and cash-flow implications for a business. Rectifying credit scoring irregularities is not always a simple process but action needs to be taken quickly. Marks Recoveries & Legal Services have the experience and technical expertise to be able to assist clients in correcting these errors.

Our fee for this service will depend on the specific nature of the issues but prices start from £75.00.

Are Old/Disputed County Court Judgments (CCJ’s) affecting your Credit Scoring?

CCJs against businesses inevitably affect credit ratings and there may be other reputational issues when your suppliers, customers and contacts identify that you have a court judgment registered against you. But what if the CCJ was entered in error or without your knowledge or if it was paid in full several years ago?

Marks Recoveries & Legal Services know precisely how to deal with the removal (setting aside) of erroneous court judgments or ensure that even when the CCJ is not defective but fully paid, that its effect on a business’s credit rating is rectified.

Our fee for this service will depend on the specific nature of the issues to be resolved but prices start from £125.00.

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